Mesmerizing Dick Addiction by Miss Maya Sinstress

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Miss Maya Sinstress gives you permission to be obsessed with dick. In a mesmerizing and seductive voice She guides you through your first bisexual experience. You are going to crave cock and cum once you get your first taste. You'll be so stimulated when you feel his dick swell in your hand. You'll start drooling while you stroke, patiently waiting until ordered you to suck it. You get so aroused as your throat is stuffed up with his throbbing juicy cock. Get on all fours and open your mouth. Suck on Sinstress' strap  on while Her bull pops his mushroom head in your ass. Feel your butt stretch open as you get pounded. Anticipate the huge cum load that is going to spray over your face. The multiple audio layers are going to program you to be obsessed with dick. Give in to your impulses.

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