Lesbian Steals your Girlfriend

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Part 1 You wake up after getting knocked out by your girlfriend (Alora Jaymes). You're surprised to see her with a busty Girl (Jessica Nova). She stands over you and tells you how she fucked your girlfriend far better than you ever could... she's way more of a stud. Your ex-girlfriend is now hers and there's nothing your little small dick nerdy ass can do about it. They mock and tease you as they show off their busty bodies. Your intense girlfriend mocks your geeky habits and tells you why her new girlfriend is so much better. They show how much more powerful they are and laugh at your geekiness... all the while talking about their love-making.

Part 2 Your girlfriend, Alora, brings home a new girl called Jessica. Sadly, it isn't going to be a threesome. Jessica is going to be the new man of the house, fucking your girlfriend in all kinds of ways you can't. If you talk back or complain, they will whip your ass. Your new life is going to consist of doing their chores while they spend your cash. You're going to be their pet. So, both girls take turns fucking you with a thick strap-on as they slap you around. This clip stars Jessica Nova and Alora James, and includes spitting, beatdown, teasing, knockout fantasy, big tits, small dick humiliation, and various dirty talk!


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