Imagine What The School Board And Your Wife Would Think

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The scene opens with a close up of gorgeous Lily.  She explains that she has just started her teaching career, and while she loves it, there has been one problem.  That problem is the principal.  “He’s a real pig” she says, “I can see him staring at me and he makes lewd comments to me. He’s even touched my ass while I walk by him and it’s just not appropriate.”   She explains that to deal with the issue, she has invited him over and given him the impression he’ll get lucky.  The camera pulls back and we see the sleeping principal, hooded and locked in her cage.  “I tricked the dumb fucker” Lily says as she slaps his face to awaken him from his slumber.  The principal is dazed and confused as he tries to figure out what has happened.  He denies trying to come on to her or that he was rude in any way, and demands to be released.  Lily reminds him of his behavior, then squats down in front of him with her panties and pussy mere inches away from his face.  

She tells him that while she would never fuck him, she does have a surprise – her boyfriend was just over has filled her with cum!  She removes her panties to expose her pussy and the cum literally runs out of her before it drips onto the cage.  “He’s ten times the man you will ever be” she says, as she scoops some of the cum up with her fingers and waves it in front of his nose.  He protests but she simply rubs the cum onto his face and lips.  She tells him to reach out with his tongue and lick it and he’s so pathetically aroused that he does!  She pulls back and informs him that everything that’s happening is being recorded, and from now on, he’ll do as she says or she’ll reveal the truth to the school board, his wife, and everyone else in his life.  She turns around and shows him her amazing ass before she sits down on his face.  She pulls her panties aside and asks if he wants to stick his dick in her, and laughs when he says he does.  She tells him to stroke himself, and when he does, she reminds him that it’s all on camera.  “You jerking off in a cage while I stick my ass in your face... what will people say?”  She explains that he’s to do anything she tells him from now on or he’ll be so unemployable he won’t be able to get a job as a garbage man.  “The other teachers are going to wonder why I treat you like such sch1t and you let me get away with it” she says to him with contempt.  Poor principal; he can’t take his eyes off Lily’s ass as she sits on his face again, settling down completely this time.  “When you wake up again you’ll be back on the street” she says.

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