How to Begin Blackmail With Mistress Kiara (& What to Expect) - Preview

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Since REAL blackmail fetish is by far Mistress Kiara's favorite fetish, and since She's been doing it since 2006, it’s safe to say that She knows pretty much everything there is to know about how the blackmail works.

She had to remake this clip since Her procedures have changed and grown over the past decade+.

Mistress Kiara has perfected the art of weeding out losers who can’t handle Her TRUE blackmail and She wants you to get one thing straight before you even buy this video – blackmail is NOT a game! She doesn't PLAY at blackmail. If you fuck up, you WILL be outed on Her site(s), and you WILL pay to get your information off Her website… or it will be there forever.

So now that you understand the rules, if you think you can handle being completely OWNED by Her and want to receive your real blackmail contract, you WILL buy this clip first, before Mistress Kiara even considers talking to you about blackmail. No exceptions.

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