Higher and Harder

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This scene opens with Princess Lily jumping on her carpet slave in her knee high boots.  While her slave suffers beneath her, you get some great views of her famous bubble butt.  She steps on her slave's head, places both feet on his chest, and jumps some more.  She tells him how lucky he is to have this view, and it should be more than enough to make up for the pain he's enduring.  She squats down on him so her ass is near his face but not close enough for him to reach with his mouth.  “This ass is what you're working for,” she tells him, as she stands up and jumps some more. 

Now the camera moves back to give you a wide view as Lily dances on her slave.  “Should I invite my boyfriend over to dance with me on you?” she asks him.  “Maybe he could fuck me while we're on you, and then you can see all his cum running down my leg.”  She tells him he can’t fuck her or any other woman.  She says she wouldn’t be surprised if his wife were actually out fucking another man and this is the reason she sent him to Lily to be used.  She moves to his stomach and continues to jump, this time adding some stomping.  You can see the damage the soles of her boots are doing to his body as the slave moans and groans in pain.  Lily is so happy with her job, and this time, steps down on the floor to bring her ass right over his face.  Just as he thinks he might get a taste, she stands up and brings her boots up to his body.

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