DomCon LA 2018 Clockwork Orange Group Photo Timelapse

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How do you convince 100+ Femdoms to stand still for a photograph? Summer's heat is starting to rise in Los Angeles and it is time for DOMCON again!

DomCon LA is the largest gathering of lifestyle and professional Mistresses in the world and the group photoshoot is Mistress Alice's favorite part. This is your chance to meet everyone else in all of their finery in a little more depth than on the red carpet.

SO MUCH WORK goes into their annual "yearbook" style photo that She began a tradition of filming the whole thing from start to finish and time lapsing the result into a music video. This lets all the hard work behind the scenes shine through along with some humor, insights and eye candy!

What is the most famous time lapse in cinema? A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Mistress Alice and Her droogs pay homage to this masterpiece (it is a mistresspiece now!) by bringing Milk Plus and a little bit of the ol' ultra violence to share with the rest of the Ladies...

She'll see you in LA next week! Come to Her Crossdressing Pageant on Sunday afternoon!