Cheerleader Punishment Preview

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There's a new program in place where not only do the cheerleaders cheer, but Miss Jenn Davis, the head cheerleader, spanks the underperforming players! The Jokari Jaguars have been playing very poorly lately. Kevin hasn't been coming to practice and has been underperforming. In the most recent game, he fumbled and dropped the ball not once, but four times! He used to be the star player and the Jokari Jaguars were always winning. Miss Jenn gives Kevin an ass chewing and proceeds to blister his bottom, all the while chanting various 'spanking cheers', such as:
2 4 6 8 you get spanked if you're not great
3 5 7 9 gonna spank you till your crying
Poor Kevin gets his sore bottom strapped and paddled with the ping pong paddle, jokari paddle, and the spencer paddle. But, unfortunately, some players only learn the lesson through their bottom.
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