Birthday "Bash" With slave doughboy

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How did Mistress Kiara possibly miss this clip?! For Her birthday in 2018, She had Her second session ever with doughboy. Doughboy tries to get fresh with Her at Her hotel and She puts him through the wringer… they start off with some beatdown pummeling, complete with knees to the balls, kicking, and slapping in the face. She moves on from there to leg scissoring and a hefty dose of foot worship that he didn’t bargain for. After that, She busts out Her boxing gloves and really goes to town on him! Once he’s had enough, the real fun begins… She grabs a nasty, used pair of panties that She brought and shoves them into his mouth. 
She rubs them on his loser face and makes him inhale Her beautiful scent. She shoves Her feet in his face again, mingling the scent of Her perfect feet and Her unattainably perfect pussy and ass. When he continues to struggle, Mistress Kiara fits him with an RNC and lets him slump to the ground. She wraps his head in Her panties while he’s out, then it’s time for some more leg scissors. Once She's sure he won’t struggle anymore, She climbs on top of him for some sexy face sitting smothering. After he’s been smothered, he tries to play dumb, but Mistress Kiara slaps him back to reality and spits in his loser freak mouth for fucking around on Her. She puts him on his hands and knees and fucks his loser ass for the very first time until She finally decides he’s had enough… well… ALMOST… after a little more beat down fun, She drains his wallet and counts Her cash.   

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