Mistress Tracy Dallas-DALLAS TEXAS USA 🇺🇸 When you're ready to get serious about your kink!

I'm Mistress Tracy Dallas, a professional dominatrix based in the heart of Texas. As a passionate and experienced Domme of 14+ years, I'm comfortable in my role and strive to make my submissives feel the same. I believe in creating a safe, consensual, and respectful atmosphere for all my clients and am open to accommodating submissives of any experience level. Communication is key for me to be able to tailor our time together and push boundaries without straining the submissive. I understand that submission can mean different things to different people, and I am here to create an environment for whatever it is you need. Whether it be a form of catharsis, punishment, release, or escape from reality, I am here to provide it. 

- M. Tracy Dallas