I've chatted on and off with Kristina for a few years. As someone who has enjoyed cross dressing myself, over the years, we ended up having some interesting talks! We have finally got down to doing an interview, hope you enjoy it!

dickie: Hi Kristina, I'm thrilled to have this interview with you, I have enjoyed your Members Site and the clips you have added in my Theater are very hot.  You have a very sexy, titillating voice if you don't mind me saying?  I guess the first obvious question, is how far back does the femme persona go and at what stage did you decide to take that to camera and how did you get your voice to sound that sexy?

Kristina: Since I personally do all the work on My website, I take it as a great compliment whenever someone tells Me that they enjoy what I’ve created. As for My voice…unfortunately I can’t claim credit for that, because I’m very blessed to have been born with a seductively feminine tone… so perhaps it’s My mother who gets the praise, because everyone has said I sound like her since My teens.

But My natural gift was apparent to Me every early and I learned quickly how powerful My voice was over men, when telemarketers and wrong numbers would often call back to try (and usually succeed) having phone sex with Me... I loved possessing this power to bring their (and My) fantasies to life with My erotic imagination and seductive siren voice.

So it was no surprise that when I moved to New York I immediately became a phone sex operator and over the years I became very successful and at the same time transformed My Own lifestyle, becoming a Trans Mistress.

As I become more powerful and womanly, it seemed as though 75% of My callers were seeking submission through sissification and forced cocksucking, so I was confident that I could use all My sexual talents to dazzle viewers all over the world, creating My Own unique porn glamour.

I launched Myself with a series of xtube videos and shortly after started My blog, which quickly inspired a full website that showcased My world of fetish and fantasy.

dickie: Wow, you do sound like you had that devious nature in you, early on.  Did you ever try to go on the straight and narrow before accepting your calling, or was that never an issue?

Kristina: Well… I started wearing My mother’s heels (in private) at a young age and I first bleached My hair to be like Madonna when I was 13… so there was no question I was going to pursue a life of beauty and sensuality. I grew up in a household with a hippy mother and black step-father, so I was used to being “different”… and I was extremely fortunate that My family permitted Me to explore My identity as a girl in any way that I wanted.

Which actually held Me back from a full transition… because I always viewed Myself as this “third” sex… powerful and androgynous, able to be feminine and yet maintain the power which I knew was a major part of My sexual and
spiritual identity.

Thankfully, I found My dominant side early… though it took Me years to truly learn how to handle My powers of seduction and My need to control men… but the most valuable tool in “finding Myself” was My relationships with the right playmates that can bring out the sweetly sadistic side of Me, that is both Femme and Fatale.

Through My twenties I explored My fantasies and indulged in experimenting with all levels of gender-fucking to find Myself… and over the last few years I have made the commitment to create a life that is a healthy balance of delights and debauchery.

Finding comfort in being “Me”… to satisfy MYSELF.

And that seems to be making a lot of other people happy in the process!

dickie: You have a members area which I have had a chance to explore and enjoy, tell us what you have to offer there and how often you add new content? What are your favorite themes?

Kristina: Well My website is unique in that, I create all the content Myself. I shoot all My videos and edit them tooso from concept to coding, every step is an expression of My sexual art because I feel like I'm creating porn that is mentally and visually enticing, so I can pull My viewers into My world of seductive domination.

I'm certainly not a traditional Dominatrix, but all My sexuality is based in controlling mens cocks and getting deep into their minds being the most tantalizing tease temptress and the sweetest sadistic siren... so I like to play with all the different levels of BDSM and the many ways that I can make a man submissive.

I try to reflect that in the videos, photos and audio that I post on My site giving My admirers an erotic experience that envelopes them in sight, sound and sensuality stepping into My members area is full exposure to My sexuality, which is all about indulgence and pleasure.