Double Fucked in the Swing - 11 minutes

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Mistress Ayn and Goddess Samantha love using their strapons on slaves. They have slave nero tied to the fuck swing and they plan on using him to the fullest. It's established that Goddess Samantha hasn't gotten to use her strap on all day, so She will get to take Her turn fucking the slave first. Both Ladies joke about how this time Ayn will be getting Samantha's sloppy seconds. As Samantha gets ready to mount nero She realizes that the swing is awfully low so She just pulls nero's ass up and plows him with Her strapon while he is forced to worship Ayn's ass. Slave nero has both his ass and his mouth filled by the Mistresses' cocks. When the Ladies switch places, Ayn fucks the slave boy viciously - pounding him hard despite his moans that it is deep.

This video contains: strapon, spitting, slapping, ass worship, double domination

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