sb: Mistress Arella, thank You VERY MUCH for this exclusive interview for dickie virgin! Please tell us a little about Your background. Where are You originally from?

MA: I am a Czech dominatrix but I started with femdom when I was living in the UK. After a few years spent in London I am now back in Prague where I also do sessions.

sb: Please describe Your style of Domination?

MA: It differs and depends on my mood and also the guy I play with. I can be soft spoken and almost kind but still show the power I have over him or I can be really bossy, demanding and harsh. I tend to be more patient and mother-like with the novices and those younger than myself.

sb: What is Your favorite type of scene?

MA: I prefer the real life servitude to some artificial scenarios but most of the guys have their preferences the other way round so it´s sometimes difficult to mix their likes with mine.

sb: Do You enjoy humiliation scenes?

MA: Initially, I found it a bit difficult to humiliate people in my sessions but once I gathered some experience and stopped thinking about it, it just started coming naturally and the more I do it now the more I enjoy it.

sb: How about crossdressers? Do You enjoy these type of scenes?

MA: Quite frankly, I don´t attract crossdressers that much as I don´t specialize in it. I find it amusing to dress a guy up but I don´t force it on anyone. Those who like it always tell me about it.

sb: Do You enjoy water sports?

MA: This is one of the very few BDSM activities that I don´t enjoy although I have some (limited) experience with it.

sb: Your legs and feet are absolutely exquisite. Do You enjoy foot worship?

MA: Foot worship is something I truly specialize in. Having a pair of pretty and well kept feet really helps of course. There is hardly anything more enjoyable than to sit back and have a guy massage and kiss my feet.

sb: Do You like heavy corporal?

MA: I don´t like to see blood in my sessions but heavy CP without bleeding is acceptable for me and I enjoy it when playing with serious masochists.

sb: What is Your favorite implement for this?

MA: Long thin riding crop would be my first choice.

sb: Do You have any personal slaves?

MA: Sure I do but I handpick them very carefully. It is not easy to become a personal slave of myself without seeing me in a session first.

sb: What is the greatest thrill You get from Domination?

MA: It is to meet new people all the time. One really does not get bored like that.

sb: Tell us about Your modeling career and resume!

MA: I have filmed for a dozen of European and American femdom website's over the last couple of years. The most famous ones are OWK, The English Mansion, Woman Worship or Extreme Footdom.

sb: Do you session with novices?

MA: I do although many of them don´t have the guts to turn up ;-(.

sb: What can a sub visiting You for the first time do to please You?

MA: A small gift always helps of course. Other than that I prefer when a sub is open and talkative.

sb: But you are much more than a professional and lifestyle Domina, perhaps you could share one or two of your other interests?

MA: I love travelling, mountain trekking, reading (mainly non fiction), documentaries and movies based on real life stories.

sb: What are Your favorite types of gifts?

MA: My favourite ones are flowers, art prints and good quality BDSM implements and fetish outfits.

sb: Do You attend any public functions where Your many fans can meet You?

MA: From time to time I attend fetish and femdom clubs but not as often as I used to.

sb: Do You also work with Women and couples?

MA: First of all, those "women“ who contact me are usually trannies. As for couples, that does not work for me either. I like the dynamics or one to one sessions where no one else can interfere.

sb: I know, You have traveled extensively? What places have You found the most appealing?

MA: I have a soft spot for France, Austria and Switzerland and I adore Alps as well as other mountains in summer.

sb: What Mistresses do You admire in the scene?

MA: I think Mistress Sidonia von Bork is one of the best Mistresses and a great show woman and businesswoman too.

sb: Where do you conduct your sessions?

MA: I rent professional premises that consist of a medieval dungeon, a couple of domestic chamber